Friday, 18 January 2013

Conspiracy theories

Oops - some of my Falklands posts seem to have got quite an audience in Argentina these days.  There are those, that even now, are convinced that HMS Invincible was either sunk or damaged by the last Exocet raid of the war.  My Blog entry for the 30 May where I talk about it and as I watched the whole thing, describe what actually happened, is now being discussed on at least one Argentian forum.  So my Argentian chums - I have updated the entry with some more photos and explanations.  I suspect no matter what I say some of you will choose to believe otherwise.
 I hate repeating myself but here is a photo:

 After the war, the powers that be decided on a publicity photo and got us all to steam in line ahead, we were lead ship.  A helicopter got airborne to take the shot - this is my version.  Conspiracy theorists have used the airborne shot to 'prove' that Invincible was sunk.  Well behind us is HMS Bristol and behind that is ---- an aircraft Carrier! and there is no way it can be mistaken for Hermes so it must be ????

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