Sunday, 30 September 2012

New books

So its almost time to start blogging properly again.  The first thing to say is that my new book 'Cocaine' is almost finished.  It's the third in the series about the modern Royal Navy and is once again based on personal experience - to a degree.  Well, the bit about the 'cow on a stick' and trying to climb a palm tree when absolutely pissed is! So there's a couple of hooks. Actually its proved to be the hardest of all the books I've written so far as the plot got a bit complicated but I've now seen my way to the exciting climax.  Drug smuggling in the Caribbean, dangerous rescues in the mid-Atlantic, several love stories (with a bit of bondage for all you Fifty Shades fans) and some fun flying - its all there.  Also I have two books with a professional agent who keeps promising the earth and delivering nothing, so they may be on sale soon.  One, 'Jacaranda' was previously published but the sequel 'The Guadeloupe Guillotine' has never seen the light of day so far.  Both are based in the Caribbean in the modern day and the past of Nelson's time.
Watch this space....

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  1. A considerable achievement. Well done. (I'm put off though by any thought of a book that appeals to 50 shades fans though)