Friday, 5 October 2012


A good day today as I typed the last words of my latest Royal Navy novel called 'Cocaine'. I don't want to give the plot away but Jon and Brian from the previous two books are at it again.
As I said previously, it's been a hard one because as the plot developed it got itself more and more complicated.  That's the thing with writing, I sometimes wonder who is doing the actual story development as I sit in front of the computer and then read back what I've just done and realise it's totally different to what I had intended!  That said all the best ideas seem to come from the Golf course, walking the dog or lying in the bath.
Now the hard work starts as I sucker friends and family into helping me proof it, spend hours fighting jpgs and graphics programmes to produce a cover and then even more hours formatting it for publication. Should be out in about a month.

Here's a clue:

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