Friday, 24 August 2012

So where now??!!

Well I have to say I'm surprised.  When I finished my Falklands postings some time ago I assumed that my audience would dry up.  Not so it seems.  I am getting as many hits now as I was when I was posting daily.  If people are still reading then one thing I would really appreciate is some feedback.  You can use the comments facility at the end of the posts (preferably the last one so I don't have to trawl through them all) or email me at

On the book front, I am now well into a third naval novel called 'Cocaine'  it is about drug smuggling in the Caribbean and like all my books is based on personal experience (catching smugglers not doing it!).  I hope to have it out in the late Autumn.
Once again could I ask that if you've read any of my offerings then a review on one of the Amazon sites would be really appreciated - reviews are the lifeblood of us self published authors.


  1. Is there going to be a follow up to Jacaranda ? Enjoyed it.

    1. Yes - 'The Guadeloupe Guillotine' but its with my agent at the moment so not published. However if you email me directly I can send a free Kindle version although you will have to accept that there will be typos as it hasn't been fully proofed yet. Some feedback would then be useful.