Saturday, 23 June 2012

End of the story

I hope those who have been reading this have found it interesting.  It started out as a pure marketing ploy to get more visibility for my books but in the end I found it brought back memories I had completely forgotten.  
With the Argies making all the current fuss over the Islands once again, maybe readers will appreciate what we went through to get them out.
One final person I would like to pay tribute to is my Observer 'Black' Bob McKellar, sadly no longer with us.  For some reason I never met Bob during training, so the first time we met was at Andromeda's commissioning ceremony in Devonport.  After the formal bit we ended up ashore in Union Street.  We got back on board at about 0500.  That was the start of many famous runs ashore around the Med and America.  Bob was a serious player but also a damned good Observer and we managed to keep each other alive during some fairly intense flying - what more need one say.

Lt Cdr Bob Mckellar

So a final note:  The blog will now revert to my normal occasional blatherings.  And a final plea, if you have read any of my books I really would appreciate your comments in the review section of Amazon.


  1. It has been a great reminder, thanks. Difficult to believe that all this was 30 years ago. Sorry also to hear that Bob is gone. I knew him briefly.

  2. I've really enjoyed reading your blog Larry and re-living the experience of being part of Andromeda flight. I too was sorry to discover that Bob has gone, I've many memories of his candid humour. I've got a few pictures of our time down there if you would be interested?

  3. Hey Potts I'd love to swap piccies - are you still in Gillingham - send me an email.

  4. Er that should have been

    1. Yes, still in Gillingham! I've just read your book - a great read! Will send an email.