Friday, 30 March 2012

The most beautiful place in the world

So we've moseyed around the Caribbean. We've sat in the 'Jacuzzi' in Tortuga Bay in Culebrita, seen the most spectacular sunsets in the middle of the Atlantic, watched dolphins, flying fish and whales. But in fact the most beautiful place in the world is about five miles from where we now live. Two photos below. It's not looking its best at the moment as the trees are only just thinking about coming out despite the fantastic early spring. I'll post more as the year progresses. Anyone wanting to know where it is please ask. I will tell you but unfortunately will then have to shoot you. One of the reasons it is so wonderful is that almost no one knows about it. Oh and the dog is my 'Cockapoo' called Tigger 'cos his legs are made of springs.

On the books front, sales are good and I am about to finish my fourth - 'The Guadeloupe Guillotine. Its about a guillotine in Guadeloupe!! Have a look at the link below but bear in mind that my research indicates that the Museum in Greenwich have the facts wrong - they are even looking at me to find out the truth!

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