Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Decisions decisions

We've decided to stay off the water for the rest of the year. The idea of living on a canal boat was quite appealing but so was having a warm house with three loos and a proper bathroom. So we're going to hang around Devon for a year or so. I am going to concentrate on books for a while and Fi has gone back to her part time care work. Oh and I'm going to get a bigger motorbike.
There are now two more buttons to buy my books in hard copy as I've also signed up with Lulu another print house but who will be able to offer the books in the US and UK. Until they appear on Amazon the links go straight to their site which suits me 'cos I get better royalties!!
This year is the 30th anniversary of the Falklands thingy so hopefully this will encourage sales of Sea Skimmer. Mind you there is a lot of rubbish starting to appear - like the documentary on Channel 4 two nights ago about the Vulcan raid on Stanley airfield. It claimed the RAF had to do it to deny the runway for the use of fast jets before the Task Force arrived and then when they eventually admitted that only one bomb out of 21 actually did any damage, they still claimed it reduced the number of air raids during the war. There is one word for that it begins with b and ends in ollocks. The runway was always too short for jets and anyway they filled in the crater within hours and they runway was fine. I feel reasonably qualified to claim this as I was the first British helicopter pilot to fly down the perishing thing on the day of the surrender. The standing joke a the time was:
What's the difference between Mr Spock of Star trek and Port Stanley Runway?
Only one's been F****ed by a Vulcan - and its not the runway!
I'm not criticising the brave aircrew who flew the mission they did a hell of a job but the documentary was a classic example of British journalism - never let the truth stand in the way of a good story.
BY the way there is a bit about all this in Sea Skimmer - plug plug.

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