Tuesday, 10 January 2012

A Jolly good time - Cos we're in Jolly Harbour

So from the piccie you can see what a Jolly time we are all having. Something to do with the beer I expect. Petes kids, Will and Liz are leaving us today. In Will's case after two months and an Atlantic crossing. However we will not be down to three for long as 'Midge' an American lady joins us tomorrow as crew. Thence its orf to Montserrat and probably up the little Island chain of St Kitts and Nevis, Statia and Saba and eventually the BVIs. As we all have US visas we will also investigate the US Virgins - the Islands that is. I have also stocked up on some new fishing lures so we are all looking forward to loads more fresh fish.....

Other news - my books are now available from the WH Smiths web site in KOBO format (another form of kindle thingy) so please rush out to buy.

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