Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Christmas in the dockyard

Well the sun shone, the superyachts showed off and we started the odd libation at about noon. The band were really good and as can be seen from the photos we had a great day. Mind you Fi and I had to get up at 0600 to use Skype to ring the kids as it was the only time the Wifi wasn’t flooded. And by nine in the evening we were all knackered. But it didn’t rain/snow/sleet/hail and today on Boxing Day it’s all over and forgotten. And what’s even better is that I haven’t heard Slades ‘Merry Christmas Everyone’ once in the last three months!! We even had a chat with our rock star neighbour – Pete Townshend from The Who and he’s really nice and what’s more we haven’t seen him smash up even one guitar (yet).

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