Thursday, 22 December 2011

Lumpy and wet

So we left sunny St Lucia, unfortunately the wind was just a tad stronger than forecast. Not too bad when island hopping as least half the journey is behind a girt great island. So up to St Pierre in Martinique, Portsmouth in Dominica and Des Haise in Guadeloupe wasn't too bad. Today howver we tried the longer trip to Antigua and after an hour bravely ran away back to Des Haise. It was far rougher than anything we had in the Atlantic and discretion seemed the best course,
we'll try again tomorrow. Plus we lost a really big Mahi Mahi and even a Marlin, luckily they were witnessed by others so I can't be accused of making them up. Today is Fi and my 36th wedding anniversary so we have decided to postpone it for 24 hours!!

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  1. Love the picture, enjoyed Caspian Monster - keep it up.