Sunday, 4 June 2017


Well 'Heartbreak Hill' actually.  Its the name given to the section of the Trent and Mersey between Middlewich and Kidsgrove.  In fact its nothing of  the sort and one of my favorite bits of canal (although there are 41 locks to navigate).  The locks are unusual as they are twin set ups with two narrow locks side by side.  Most are still functional although in a couple of places one has fallen into disrepair.  It means the flow of traffic is very smooth.  However, more importantly the gates are light in operation, the paddles easy to operate and they fill very quickly but without lots of turbulence.  Why can't all locks be like these??  The countryside is also very pretty and we were blessed with decent weather.  The only problem now is that because we weren't able to go down the Anderton lift and onto the River Weaver we are ten days achead of schedule.  As I write we have just come onto the Macclesfield canal and should be at our marina on Thursday.  We're not too fussed as the weather is forecast to be pretty average for the next week.  So we'll probably head home at the weekend as long as I can prise the keys to my car from the grip of my daughter in law who has been using it for the last two months.  Although we are early, we will still have been on board for over ten weeks and its time I got to grips with a golf club again.  Sunday lunch was the Rising Sun in Scholar Green.  A 8.5 was awarded - someone needs to come oop north and teach these foreigners how cook roast spuds.
So an exciting week ahead and who knows maybe that IRA sympathising, spendthrift, Marxist, Worzle Gummidge won't get the keys to number 10!

The locks are all quite deep

But its like going up in a lift

Women drivers (I'd better say no more)

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