Wednesday, 7 June 2017

End of the line

Anyone looking out of the window this week mught just have noticed the odd gale and torrential rain.  We certainly noticed it as we were trying to get up the 12 locks of the Bosely flight.  With the forecast as it is, it seemed a good idea to get into our marina today as it looks like the only respite from strong winds.  You might think that a fifteen ton boat would shrug off a little breeze.  Nope, she sails sideways with ease, normally just when you don't want it, like when coming alongside and you jump ashore with the one centre line in your hand trying to pull her in.  In top of that becasue of our layout the boat needs to come into her berth stern first.  Anyone who has driven one of these things knows that steering them backwards is hit and miss at best.  Our last boat had a bow thruster which simplifies things greatly.  Jacaranda doesn't have one.  So it was with a little trepidation because it was still quite windy that I took her into the marina this afternoon.  My incredibly cunning plan was to turn across the wind, upwind of the berth and let the breeze set her down so that I could simply reverse in at the last moment.  You can always rely on the wind to catch you out.  Normally its a gust just when you don't need/want it.  This time it simply said 'sod it mate you're on your own' and died completely.  Still with a bit of throttle, rudder and prayer we made it in.  So, we will be sorting things out for the next few days and back home at the weekend sometime.  Next exciting adventure will probably be in August for a week or two.

All snug in the marina.  Actually my reversing in was pretty good so of course no one saw us do it.  Why is it only when you cock things up that you have an audience???

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