Sunday, 26 February 2017

And now for something completely different

Books are on the back burner for the next few weeks as Fi and I get things together for the new boat.  That said, I am doing some research with the Fleet Air Arm museum and Westland (Or Lenny's Choppers as they are now known) and that will give me plenty to do when not opening locks, emptying porta pottis, walking the dog, painting the bilges etc etc.  Anyone who has owned a boat will know of the dreaded 'list'.  This is the thing you write out with all the little things you need to get, for when you next get on board.  We started ours on the way back from the boat a couple of weeks ago and as expected it has continued to grow.  Our assumption that we had already got just about everything we needed seems to have been a tad premature - what a surprise.  Roll on early April when he head off into Narnia for real.  Oh and quick thank you to everyone who has bought 'Formidable',  it's currently in the top 1000 best sellers on Amazon (out of over two million) and 23rd in 'thrillers/military'.  Must be doing something right then.

A small manifestation of 'the list'.  There's also a disassembled desk and 1500w petrol generator around somewhere, as well as large number of  stuffed sharks.

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