Friday, 8 July 2016

Sorry but its political now

I've been trying to stay out of the arguments going around about Brexit etc but the intolerant whining of the losers is starting to get to me. In particular the BBC. Last week I was so incensed about the completely negative coverage of the policy that the majority of people in this country voted for in a free election, I actually got off my ass and made a complaint to the BBC:

'Nearly all coverage I have seen on the BBC had been critical of Britain leaving the Eu despite the majority voting for it. On radio 2 yesterday lunchtime it was all about people having 'regrets' even Mock the Week last night spent the first half of the programme being offensive about Brexit. You continually bring up immigration and racism in the same sentence. The Brexit campaign only wants to CONTROL immigration not stop it, yet if you lot were to be believed all Brexiters are racist. The Tory party manifesto for the last election had a pledge to reduce immigration to the tens of thousands - yet you spectacularly manage to fail to mention that!! Please give us some balanced reporting bearing in mind the MAJORITY of this country want to leave the EU.'

Today I got a response - I expect it's a stock one:

As you may be aware, Jonathan Munro, Head of Newsgathering at BBC News, appeared on Newswatch on 1 July to specifically address concerns raised by our audience about our recent coverage. You can still watch the edition here:
During the programme Jonathan Munro addressed criticisms that BBC News’ coverage has been alarmist after the result, featuring too much coverage of people who wanted to remain in the EU. He explained BBC News has looked at reactions from both sides (those who wanted to remain and those who didn’t) and are covering the story of what it looks like to leave the EU from many different angles.
Jonathan explained that he didn’t agree with the suggestion that BBC News is looking only at the negative outcomes of the vote. He explained that we believe our coverage has been balanced and that we have looked at the potential effects Brexit could have on the job market, because technically we still don’t know the full impact.
He went on to explain that BBC News has covered many positive aspects of the outcome. For example, what immigration for non-EU citizens could look like, and what trade deals with places like New Zealand and Canada could look like. BBC News has also covered some positive outcomes coming from the falling value of the Pound.
Jonathan Munro went on to assure viewers that nobody at the BBC thinks that 17 million people of the population are racist. He pointed to examples of where we have interviewed a wide range of voters who chose “leave”. Jonathan added that he didn’t believe the BBC was too ‘London-centric’ and explained that Question Time, for example, came from both Preston and Birmingham in the run up to the referendum.
We hope this goes some way in addressing your concerns. We believe our coverage of the result has been fair, accurate and impartial. This is a quickly developing story and we will strive to continue to report on it in this manner.

It seems I'm not the only one to complain! But they've mainly missed my point anyway.  I didn't complain about the news coverage in particular. It is so rife over all BBC programmes and saying that, on one occasion the head of News disagreed with what is clearly a countywide criticism, is patronising to say the least.

My only consolation is that I believe that in not too short a time, we will be trading all over the world, the lower pound (if it stays there) will have helped manufacturing and exports, and the country will be thriving. And as for the 'experts' who predicted gloom (just as they did when we left the ERM) and said we would need an emergency budget straight away as well as total immediate financial collapse - er look at the FTSE today and where is that budget?

If the EU itself hasn't collapsed already (both France and Germany have elections next year) then our soaring success will be the final nail in the coffin. Maybe then, a new Europe will emerge from the corrupt and undemocratic ashes, one that I would love to be a member of - oh hang on I voted for that in 1975!!!!

I feel much better for that! - The next Jon Hunt book is almost finished and should be out by the end of August.

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