Tuesday, 7 June 2016


Well almost - just finished a great ten days 'sailing' in the Med on a friends catamaran.  I use the word advisedly as there was bugger all wind so we spent nearly all the time under motor but it was still great.  We started on the mainland in Cartegena.   A 24 hour trip found us in Ibiza and I take it all back - what a beautiful Island and not one drunken 18 year old from Scunthorpe in sight.  We didn't catch any fish - not for the want of trying but as we arrived in a bay on the south of the Island I saw a Marlin jump in front of us.  He was at least 200 pounds and a beautiful electric blue in colour. He must have been eating something - maybe he ate it all?  After Ibiza we did a day sail to Mallorca and again - what a beautiful place. Some photos below:

The decrepit - oops I mean intrepid crew

When your inverter fails you have to invert yourself to fit a new one.

Meanwhile the crew are revolting

Ibiza harbour from the top of the old town.  Plenty of superyachts and no drunken brits

The arrival bay in Mallorca - sort of very pretty

Another view and the only little beach with a bar but it was also a nudist beach.  It wouldn't have been so bad if more than one of the dozen or so naked people had been female!!

On a separate note now that I'm back in Blighty and with the Lynx book with the publishers I'm concentrating on the next Jon Hunt novel.  55,000 words in so should be out in about August.  Anyone reading this post who wants to volunteer to help with the editing/proofing - free early copies will be available - just contact me via email, FB or through the comments here.

One final thingy - I have sold thousands of books but only have about 200 reviews - these are the lifeblood of us struggling authors.  If anyone reading this post has read any and could do me the favour of taking five minutes to say what they think on the relevant Amazon page I wold be eternally grateful.

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