Saturday, 9 April 2016

I must be doing something right.

After the last post, I had more hits in a day than I normally get in a month.  From the stats it is mainly from peeps on FB who saw my link and the picture of the new book cover.  Its a shame that the book is going to take so long to get published.  I know there are a lot of graphics and it has to go through an editor but it seems strange that when I publish one of my novels I can upload it for sale as a Kindle and paperback in 12 hours yet this 'mainstream' publication will take 12 months!!!  Anyway, just to remind people that I have six novels about the Fleet Air Arm and Royal Navy (including 815 Squadron in the first one), all based on bits of my own career but mainly made up to make them interesting.  So here is another gratuitous book cover - with a Lynx on it.

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