Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Lynx book almost done

Well the first draft that is. Which is why I've not been blogging much as it seems to have taken over my life for the last few weeks.   I'm still looking for an account of counter drug operations in the Caribbean and I've one last Falklands Lynx flight to contribute (you know who you are). Then there will be the final chapter. What I want to do is a personal comparison of what the aircraft was like to fly in the early days and what it is like now.  This of course is all part of my cunning plan to get a trip in a Mark 8 - something that I am working on with the squadron (no really - its not just an excuse to go blasting around the sky in a Lynx once more!)  I've also got a trip in the Lynx simulator booked and want to use that to see how on earth the current aircrew cope with all the buttons they have to press these days - and there are a lot.
After that I'm about 20,000 words into the next Jon Hunt novel but it really seems that writing non fiction and fiction concurrently is almost impossible.  So once I've got the draft off to the publishers its back to the non real world of novels - the Balkans conflict this time.

A Lynx Mark 8 cockpit.  The driver's side is relatively unchanged but the big centre screen and the two panels in the middle weren't there in the Mark 2 and 3.  Nor were the very clever radios just below them.  The only things I recognise are the radar - on the left and the Orange Crop radar warner above the large TV screen.

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