Sunday, 3 May 2015

A.... bout .... Turn

Escaped from Llangollen this morning and made another transit of the scary Aqueduct.  Most unusual for us to  pootle on a Sunday but you only get 48 hours on the mooring and as we arrived early we had to leave early.  Still we found a simple pub near the Aqueduct (called the - Aqueduct!!) and had a very pleasant meal.  Because it was unpretentious, cheap and came with a separate gravy boat we gave it a 9.  Should be down back at the end of this canal by the end of the week then plans will have to be made.................

The title of my previous post was slightly wrong as the canal goes on for a further 2 miles but is unnavigable for normal boats and this is the absolute end - but....

on the other side is the River Dee and a certain Mr Telford built this weir known as the Horseshoe Falls. The depth of the water above the falls is the same as the head of the canal - keeping it topped up.  Simple engineering but bloody clever all the same, how did they get the heights right?

One for my sister.  This welsh pony, strangely called Taff, pulled the flat bottomed tourist boat up to the head of the canal.

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