Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Heart Break Hill

A quiet night in Kidsgrove at the junction of the Macc and the Trent and Mersey was had by all and today we set off down the aforementioned 'hill'.  Its not a hill and its not heart breaking.  Its really called the Cheshire flight and its rather pretty but it does have a lorra  lorra locks.  We did about 14 today and another 10 tomorrow but the countryside is beautiful and the sun is still out.  Not that the weekends forecast is that good.
On another note, to all my readers who are not friends on FB.  Yesterday I received an offer from a mainstream publisher to publish a book I have been planning to write for some time.  This time its a factual one about the Lynx helicopter which features a great deal in some of my novels and also in this blog if you go back  couple of years.  Its going to be hard work and need a lot of research but its something I want to do as the aircraft has never really had the publicity it deserves. So that'll be me busy for some time to come.

Someone wiping the sweat from their brow on Heart Break Hill - this is after the first lock!!

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