Monday, 20 April 2015

An electric morning

Beautiful day, sun shining, countryside looking stunning.  Start the engine and all looks fine so head off down the cut.  Next to my right knee I have a battery monitor that tells me how much charge is going in and what volts I've got - all as it should be.  Just behind the gauge is my inverter that I normally have on when charging, as the AC supply then tops up my laptop and phone. 
'Fi, turn on the inverter please.'
Click.  Followed by panic, the volts are dropping through 11.5 and the discharge current is approaching 200 amps.  In a bigger panic I reach down and turn off the inverter - all back to normal. Suddenly a gentle morning's pootle is not so gentle as I try to work out what the hell is going on.  The immersion heater is off so the only thing I can think of is that there is a massive short in the AC system somewhere or the inverter has shorted out internally - (only a grand to replace).  As I imagine more and more possible disaster scenarios, all involving a big hit to the wallet, I decide we'd better stop and check things out.  As we come alongside I jump ashore with the centreline and look in through the kitchen window.
'Er, Fi is the electric kettle plugged in and turned on??'
Problem solved.
It just doesn't get any more exciting on the canals.
Oh and we then did the twelve locks of the Bosley flight and are now tucked up in a quiet mooring for the night.

Fi driving through our first swing bridge of the day.

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