Friday, 10 April 2015

Back on the cut soon

Its almost that time of year when we get the urge to disappear into Narnia otherwise known as the British canal network.  We were going up to Macclesfield on Sunday but have delayed because of the weather forecast (and absolutely nothing to do with getting one more round of golf in before I fall asleep in front of the Grand Prix).  We actually went up to the boat a few weeks back and took her to a boatyard to get her 'blacked'  ie the underwater section of the hull painted.  We also took delivery of a futon so guests can have a proper bed to sleep in and nothing to do with giving the dog somewhere else to sleep.  The current plan that's steeped in cunningness is to do about two months away.  We will go and do the Llangollen with the famous unpronounceable aqueduct  that's 500 foot up and 1000 yards long.  Then I am aiming to head up the Shropshire Union to Elmesmere Port where we will join the Manchester Ship Canal as long as I can get my head around all their weird rules - like needing relevant tide tables - er for a canal??  However, that will lead us to the Rive Weaver which eventually joins up with the Trent and Mersey canal via the famous Anderton Boat lift and will allow us to head home again.  Yet another exciting adventure to look forward to and of course yet more Sunday lunches to assess.  Oh and I've another book to finish - 'Nautilus' is shaping up nicely and will finish off a trilogy that started with my first novel 'Jacaranda'  I think I'll call it the 'Jacaranda Trilogy', just to be original,  If anyone wants to join us for any of our adventures and to try out the futon just drop us an email.  Next entry will probably be from a deep and dark canal somewhere in England - unless we get really lost.

The Pontyunpronouncable aqueduct.  Built by Robert Telford and now a World Heritage site.  They clearly hadn't heard about elf 'n safety in 1795 but I am surprised we are not required to wear parachutes in this more safety conscious day and age.

The Anderton boat lift that takes you 50 feet up from the river Weaver to the Trent and Mersey.  I think we really will invest in a couple of parachutes!

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