Saturday, 18 April 2015

A tribute to John Belushi - sort of.

'Its a hundred miles to Chicago, we've got half a pack of cigarettes and half a tank of gas, its dark and we're wearing sunglasses - hit it!'
Or - Its 28 locks and fifty miles to Langollen, we've got a full booze cabinet and a full tank of diesel, its sunny and we're wearing sunglasses - bugger where's the ignition key?
Oh and on top of that we've got a full water tank, plenty of coal for the fire, two gas bottles and an empty loo but that doesn't quite fit with the Blues Bothers quote.
So we're off. Lovely sunny day if a tad cold.  Boat is serviced and we have a plan.  All we need to do is remember to slow down for the next 2 months or so.

Newly pained roof and new roof garden, trees starting to come into leaf, lovely sunshine and a mug of coffee (or two) and all at a massive two miles an hour.

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