Monday, 27 April 2015

An early start

So it was up with the lark this morning. (Not sure what the bloody thing was doing in our bed anyway).    This was just in case there was a queue to get onto the infamous LLLangollllen canal and of course there wasn’t so we could have stayed in bed for at least another hour.  But actually it was worth it as it was a beautiful morning with crisp blue sunshine (is that right?)  Mind you I’m not sure that the Gerananiums on the roof  liked the overnight frost that much.  Still, they’re not dead yet.  Actually the canal is as pretty as everyone says it is which bodes well for the next few weeks.  We’re hopefully timing it so we end up at the Pontyunpronouncable aqueduct and then Langollen itself for the weekend which is when the majority of charter boats are doing their handovers.
Sunday lunch report – The Olde Barbridge Arms – 8.5.  Some good points but far too much veg and then the absolute cardinal sin – roast pork with NO crackling.  Mind you any pub that uses the word ‘Olde’ is going to be suspect.

 I’m glad I did the RYA Yachtmaster Ocean course the other year as navigation on the canals can be a tad tricky.

Things you see on the canals 2015.   No1 – duck surfing (in a lock bywash).
Things you see on the canals 2015.  No2 – a Swan towing a caravan????

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