Sunday, 13 July 2014

Rush rush rush (not)

So, a slow week pootlin' down the Shroppie.  The weather has been great and I even managed to get my extremely expensive (£8 from Sainsburys) barbecue out for the second time and almost asphyxiate myself in the process - why does the smoke always blow in your face not matter where you sit??  We arrived in Market Drayton two days ago and I had been scouring Autotrader for a while looking for a cheapy car as we will need one when we go home. Getting one now means we can go to Lindsay's graduation without having to hire one for three days.  So now I am the proud owner of a thousand pound, twelve year old, low mileage, one previous owner, FSH, little Fiat.  I do wonder why peeps buy new cars these days.  A few more locks to do tomorrow and Tuesday - 21 in all but having been up Caen and Hatton we laugh at flights of locks with disdain.

Sunday lunch scores - last week it was the Round Oak at Wombourne and despite claiming to be the best Sunday Lunch for miles - it wasn't - a disappointing 6.5.  however today we went to the Red Loin in Market Drayton which is part of a brewery (Joules) and it was very good.  A carvery, so you could see what you were getting and decide on quantities - plus the beer was excellent.  A good score of 9, only let down by the spuds and insufficiently cheesy cauliflower - best this trip so far.

Things you see on the canals:

Pickled and bottled young girl anyone??

Nice bridge but why the telegraph pole in the middle?? Especially as it didn't actually have any wires going to it.

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