Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Another week another canal

So, as the title suggests we are now in another canal - the Shropshire Union to be precise.  And what a difference in character.  Its quite amazing how one canal can be so different to the next.  The Staffs and Worcs was a very early canal and this one was quite clearly built much later.  Not the least because its straight and wide, which is much less exciting (or should that be dangerous) and far more relaxing.  Oh and someone has actually cut the towpath so you can moor  just about anywhere.  The 'plan' is Market Drayton for the weekend and then on to Nantwich so we can leave the boat for a few days for our daughters graduation the next Monday.  As the only member of the family now with two degrees we will be there to cheer and whoop and generally embarrass her.


Been trying to get a photo of one of these pesky critters for ages and if you can't quite make it out - its a Kingfisher.  I've decided that Kingfishers are like flying fish - er, in that if you see one and shout it out to someone else, it will have disappeared by the time they look.  Just for once this guy actually stopped on a branch long enough for me to get a blurred long focus shot.

So spot the difference between this and the Staffs - straight, wide and you can actually see the tow path.  Oh and there's a Kingfisher in the bushes to the left.

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  1. Having digitally enhanced the photo a la Blade Runner, I can say without fear of contraception that you are mistaken. It is in fact a flying fish in the bushes on the left. Congrats to Lindsay, must take after Fi's side of the family :)