Sunday, 27 July 2014

Heading south

We're spending the weekend in a little village called Wheelock on the Trent and Mersey.  The local pub the 'Cheshire Cheese' did a remarkably good lunch today, especially for a small local boozer and scored an impressive 9.  Tomorrow we head up the Cheshire flight - 21 locks in seven miles and intend to take at least three days to do it - no point in rushing, unlike last year when we did it in a day.  Not more than a week should see us tied up in the new marina.

Things you see on the canals 376:

Not quite on the canal this one.  There's a large pet shop over the road and it has the first ever 'dog wash' I've ever seen.  But at a fiver for five minutes we gave it a miss - its easier to chuck Tigger into the canal!

Out trailing Petunia on the roof is doing extremely well and clearly the Robin agrees.

A more relevant photo.  Once again each canal solves the same problem in a different way.  Here on the T&M they have twin locks which allow much more traffic.

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