Thursday, 24 July 2014

A weekend away

So having abandoned the boat we drove down to Bath for the weekend.  It took three hours in a car as opposed to three months in a narrow boat to do what is effectively the same journey.  Mind you it was more of the same in that we stayed on daughter and boyfriends narrow boat which lives on the river Avon just outside Bath.  The degree award ceremony was in Bristol Cathedral and a very grand affair.  Afterwards we all got together on the river bank by the boat for a barbeque and a drink or seventeen.  Fi and declined an invitation for a swim in the river even though it was very hot - I know what fish do in it.  We're now back oop north and on the Trent and Mersey canal heading towards Manchester.  Should be in the new marina by mid August. 

Clever clogs '2 degrees' Lindsay and boyfriend Laurie.  The only person in the family with a BA and BSc (Hons).

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