Sunday, 3 June 2012

3 June 1982, A day orf

I can't recall exactly why we didn't fly today except that it could have been the day we got mail.  An RAF Nimrod flew down and dropped a large canister in the sea.  We hadn't had any communication from home since sailed a month earlier - this was not the age of satellites,email and the internet.  The effect on moral was fantastic.  When I went into the wardroom there were piles of letters for everyone. My total came to 77!  Fiona had been writing every day and so had most of my close family but I was amazed to get letters from people I barely knew.  When my Mother died and we went through her stuff I found all those I had written back to her. It was quite overwhelming to read them.  I'm pretty sure Fiona has hers stashed away somewhere as well.
Something else we may have done that day was a RAS(S) ie Replenishment At Sea (Stores).  We needed to resupply for food and we went alongside a Fleet Auxiliary to do so.  All hands were turned to for several hours striking the stuff down into the stores and freezers.  I remember being part of the chain just below one of the ladders.  We were all surprised when sides of beef appeared in their wrappings all clearly marked as the product of Argentina - didn't stop us eating it!

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