Saturday, 2 June 2012

2 June 1982 - settling into the routine

Log Book entry:  HDS Hermes and Brilliant .40 minutes
                           ESM AEW 2.30 hours (.30 mins night)

Back in the groove with more AEW and a bit of delivery.  In some ways it was good we didn't know the Argies had fired off all their missiles because we would have probably doe nothing else but deliver the mail.  It might have been quiet for the moment out at sea but the lads ashore were making good progress. 5 Infantry Brigade had gone ashore the previous day and today 2 Para reached Bluff Cove.  The Argies offered to surrender to the UN.  It never happened of course, the idea got snarled up in the debate and anyway would Maggie have found the idea acceptable?

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