Friday, 2 March 2012

So where now?

Well we returned from Puerto Rico the other week after saying goodbye to Salila and her skipper. The last few weeks were in the US and then Spanish Virgin Islands. Absolutely beautiful and no charter boats to be seen. Rather than use words some piccies below

The bay of Tortuga on Culebrita - try saying that after a few beers and yes it really is as beautiful as it looks.

Feeding Tarpon the remains of my steak at a dockside bar in Culebra in the Spanish VIs

A 'bio' bay in Vieques also the Spanish VIs. There is so much plankton that at night anything disturbing the water lights it up - magic.

Look carefully and you will see someone also wanted to eat this Black Fin Tuna. Mind you I got the biggest bit!

A bit of belaying pin practice on a replica of the Bounty (used for the films). Also our last day as we flew home that afternoon


  1. Hi Fi, Larry Looks a great way to spend the winter - wish you were still in a UK office ?.

    See you this year ?.


    1. Er - office - wotsthatthen?? Where are you now?