Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Well that seemed to work

Been mucking about with the Google interface to personalise the blog and I think it looks good now.  I've decided to be active on Facebook as well now so I'm slowly descending into the electronic realm.  I've just got to make sense of Twitter now - that'll be another day.

I've been getting really good reviews on Amazon for my three books but really need more, so anyone who reads them - please leave a review - honesty is fine, although praise would be best!

Next few weeks will be sorting out some more proof reading of the books as I know there are still  few typos to iron out and then start working on the new ones.  A new Jon Hunt book about Caribbean drug smuggling and a sequel to Jacaranda - but that might have to wait until I have visited Guadeloupe next year as there is a really interesting piece of research I need to do there.  I will say no more.


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