Tuesday, 20 September 2011

First post

So a new blog.  for anyone who followed our travels the old one was

but as we are off again this is the new one.  The plan:

Early Nov I set out to Gran Canaria and on 21 Nov set sail for St Lucia on the catamaran Salila on the Atlantic Rally for Cruisers,..
Fi joins us Mid Dec when we arrive (she flies out on the 4 Dec).
We go to Antigua for Christmas.
No idea whatsoever after that.


  1. Larry, It's great to see you on your travels again, and very sensible of Fi to let you get somewhere warm before joining you. Have a great time, we look forward to joining you out there at some time. Dai & Loraine

  2. I'll be reading! And I promise not to believe every word the skipper pens..!

    Sue K (aka gythagirl...) xx