Monday, 31 December 2018

I should be blushing

I really should check out Good Reads more often. If you don't know it, it's where the star rating appears if you give a Kindle a rating when you finish the book. I went there today and found this rather great review for my latest book 'Diamant'. It's rather ego boosting to be compared to Bernard Cornwell. Now all I need is to get the same books sales as him!!

'Larry Jeram-Croft creates something refreshingly different in this twin centred novel, weaving two timelines hundreds of years apart seamlessly together. The modern day story is a classic yachting adventure - fast paced, exciting and underlying it all the author's vast experience of life at sea under sail. A story that will delight lovers of the genre - up there with Sam Llewellyn and Bernard Cornwell.
But for me it is the historical part of the book where LJC really shines. Painstaking research and physical knowledge of the area mean that he is really able to bring this story to life. And it is a fascinating one - a little known tale of British engineering, ingenuity and daring together with a bloody minded determination which result in a "defeat" that does credit to the Royal Navy. And all told in a thoroughly engrossing way. Great stuff!'


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