Monday, 11 June 2018

Sunday entertainment

Saturday saw us moored up at Hawkesbury junction which is where the Oxford canal meets the Coventry.  There is a small basin with a very nice and very busy pub with good outside seating.  The junction requires a very sharp turn under a bridge once you have left a lock, So strangely enough we ended up sitting outside on Sunday waiting for lunch and indulging in that world renowned boating activity - 'watching others cock it up while smugly drinking beer.'  At first there was little traffic but then a boat named 'Elegance' made up for it all.  He came out the lock at just about full throttle which was a little odd and then made absolutely no attempt to turn and rammed the stones below the bridge a high speed.  No one could work out what the hell he was doing but it was great entertainment.  I saw his bow later that afternoon and there was an impressive dent in it - I suspect a fair amount of damage below as well.  It wasn't quite so funny today when we met the same boat coming the other way on the wrong side of a blind bend.  We missed him but no thanks to the idiot on the tiller.
And Sunday lunch was a mere 8, all the food piled on top of itself so you had to 'deconstruct' it, cauliflower cheese with no cheese sauce and once again roast spuds that looked totally anemic.
We are now on the Ashby canal which is a 20 mile dead end and very pretty.  The aim is to be back at our new marina on the 22nd or 23rd.

The Greyhound pub and great boating vantage point

This chap got it right - 'Elegance' elegantly smashed right into the base of the bridge

Mind you at one point I did wonder just how strong the beer was!!

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