Tuesday, 1 May 2018

And we're orf!!

They say things go in threes, we proved that today.  The last few days has been spent fettling in the marina and getting everything ready - what could possibly go wrong???
1. All set - lines ready, remembered to actually fit the tiller arm, canal guide and CB radios to hand. Start the engine. Key breaks off in the ingnition!  I think I might have said something like 'goodness that's unfortunate'  or maybe something just a tad stronger with f***k in it.  So out with pliers, screwdriver and adjustable hammer and luckily I managed to tease the remains out.  Of course we had a spare so all good.
2.  Gentlly out of the marina as the entrance is narrow.  Remembered to turn left.  Ran aground.  This time I definitley said b****cks!  Five minutes later, having reversed hard, we are off.  What else could possibly go wrong?
3.  With engine running we always turn on our inverter to charge all our AC powered thingys.  'Fi turn on the inverter'  - 'nothing's  happening'  go down and check and she's right - no little blue light.  I definitely use the 'F' word this time as they cost £1200 to replace.  Open cupboard and check the beast itself - OK, who turned the ON/OFF switch to OFF? All working - sighs of relief all round.

SO   --    orf we go, through Bollington and Macclesfield. The original plan was  to stop at a nice pub a little further on but the forecast for tomorrow is dreadful and the 12 locks of the Bosely flight are just ahead and today the weather is quite nice.  We press on and descend all twelve.  We are now snugly moored at the bottom and will probably spend the day tomorrow avoiding rain and maybe cleaning the outside of the boat as after a winter in the marina its really dirty.  But its great to be back on board and getting used to hurtling around at two and half miles an hour again.  Kidsgrove and the Harecastle tunnel probably on Friday and on to the potteries.  Thanks to everyone who is looking after cars, houses etc, see you all in three months.

Hard work for some!!

But still smiling

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