Sunday, 6 May 2018

All steamed up

So, a new canal for us - the Caldon. It weaves through 'delightful' Stoke on Trent and then out into the countryside.  We had been warned that some of the bridges were rather low.  I was dreading having to take the solar panels apart again.  Bridge 9 was the lowest and I reckon we cleared it by at least half an inch so no need to get the spanners out.
We stopped for lunch at the village of Milton and then headed off.  A minute later and I noted that the engine overheat light was on and very soon steam was appearing around the engine hatch.  'Hmm maybe something's wrong,' I thought.  A quick pull over to the canal side and off with the motor.  I then lifted the hatch to a massive cloud of steam.  Once it had cleared it was easy to see that an engine hose had split, luckily it was at the end and so all I had to do was cut off the bad section and refit it.  Ten minutes later we were off again.  Disaster averted until Fi quietly wondered what would have happened if it had split the day before in the 2 mile long Harecastle tunnel!!!!
Our quest now was to find somewhere to stop for Sunday Lunch.  The one canal side pub was still a long way off and after ringing them it was also completely booked up.  So we've found a relly pretty and quiet bit of bank and will stay here.  Apparently, there is a good pub a decent dog's walk away.  The alternative is a local golf club and I do have a set of bats on the boat.  You never know.

Sometimes a picture needs no caption

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