Tuesday, 2 January 2018

That goodness thats all over

Pressies given, booze drunk, grandkids played with etc etc and now its all over for another ten months - I say ten as Christmas seems to take two months in this country!  So back to normal and thoughts about new books to write.  On the non-fiction side I'm seriously considering one about the Sea King helicopter, although the thought of having to chase up numerous people who promise me input and then 'forget' is not a happy one.
As for fiction - many people have assumed that the Jon Hunt series has come to a logical conclusion.  As I was taught in the navy 'never assume anything' so maybe he might just make another appearance.  However, he's now on the back burner because I've been casting about for ideas for a new historical novel and at New Year, a friend leant me a book which is the perfect base for what I want to do.  Not saying anything yet except to say it will be partly based on my time sailing the Caribbean and partly on an amazing story that is not well known from Napoleonic times.  I will give a little clue below:

Any one know where this is????

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