Saturday, 13 May 2017

High and dry

One of the problems of being in Liverpwewl was that the water was clear and I could see the underwater sides of the boat and realised that it really needed repainting.  Now, its normally quite a pain to book the boat in to get it 'blacked' and there is only one marina that can do it between here and the stoppage on the Bridgewater canal.  So it was with some surprise that when I rang them, not only were they able to fit us in but we are the only boat they have out of the water.  It may be that as no boats can get up here at the moment that demand is low.  So good luck for us, the only problem is that they have no cover for the boats and so rain becomes an issue and of course we are now at the end of the long dry period and rain is forecast on and off for the next week.  Although we can live on the boat whilst its out of the water we've managed to scrounge a bed for the weekend at our kids/grankids place.  All good fun - including our 4 year old grandaughter's birthday party tomorrow (should be fun......).   Hopefully back in the water at the end of the week and then the Bridgewater might be open and we can be on our way again.

A skanky bottom.  

So with not a lot to do we spent a day at Southport.  The pier is so long we needed a train to get back from the end.  Its an interesting place but don't think we'll go back.  I have a happy week ahead touching up all the paint that I can't normally get at while the yard is painting the hull.


  1. I had the same thing happen with blacking at March, Due to floods etc boats couldn't get down the Gt Ouse so we got a spot the next week.

  2. And I also repainted the Gunwales so I'm now desperate not to scratch all that lovely new paint!!! (won't last past the first lock of course).