Thursday, 25 May 2017

Escape to the country

So with all the conspiracy theories about the owners of the Bridgewater canal not sticking to the times promised to re open their canal, we were really looking forward to what we would find when we got there.  Would it really be open?  Would there be hundreds of boats all waiting for the starting gun??  Would there be riots??? Er - it was open and we were the only boat in sight.  OK there was a large barge blocking the way which the workmen immediately moved for us but to call it all an anti-climax would not be an exaggeration.
So off down the Bridgewater for a long day, as you really need to get past the big, sweaty town of Manchester before mooring up.  Seven hours late we found an idylic spot near the National Trust estate of Dunham Massey.  Today we've moved on to the pretty little town of Lymm and tomorrow we're aiming to get to the top of the Trent and Mersey canal at Preston Brook.  After that, we hope to get to Anderton for Saturday where the famous boat lift is lurking and maybe take a trip down it onto the river Weaver.  There are no stoppages in the way now (fingers crossed) so should be in our marina on the Macclesfield as planned towards the end of June.
The rearward view of the new bridge supports, the building of which caused the canal to be shut for three months.  Note all the other boats in sight!!!

Crossing the rather larger Manchester Ship canal

The view from the stern on an absolutely stunning evening.

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