Sunday, 23 April 2017

Tragedy in Lancashire

We bravely fought our way through the Foulridge tunnel at the start of the week and into Lancashire at some point.  We headed for Burnely and then Blakcburn, two old industrial towns with most of the detritus of the Industrial Revolution plus most of Mc Donald's stock of plastic wrappers chucked in the canal.  I've never seen such a filthy stretch of water. We even managed to get some stuck around the prop on two occasions.  I now know how to get at the weed hatch and clear the prop quite quickly.  Its a shame really as the bits in between the towns are really quite pretty.  We also had several flights of 6 and 7 lock s to descend but its much easier going down as you can open the paddles fully straight away.  If you did that going up these types of lock - you'd sink the boat.  We've also buddied up with another boat and its much easier with two crews.  Hopefully we'll meet them again on Tuesday as we have the Wigan flight to descend which is a mere 21 locks.  After that we have a week to get to Liverpool where I've managed to book in from the 3rd to the 8th of May.  Everyone says its a really great trip and place to stay.
Now for the reason for the title.  One of the best pubs on this stretch burnt down last week, a few months after a million pound rebuild.  A photo is below but that's not the real tragedy.  Here we are in the little village of Adlington which has at least 5 pubs - and not one of them does Sunday Lunch!!!!!

The crispy pub - bet they did Sunday Lunch!

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