Friday, 10 March 2017

Fact and Fiction

After 41 years operational service, the last swansong for the Lynx Helicopter will be upon us soon.   Thats like a Sopwith Camel still being used succesfully into the 1950s!!! There will be several parties/ceremonies/flypasts and flying displays to say goodbye to the old girl.  My book about it's history is now available, especially through 'Navy Wings' their Store is here.  It will soon also be available on Amazon but less money will go to the charity if you buy it there.
In addition to the factual book - I of course, have my novel about the Falklands War 'Sea Skimmer' which stars a Lynx and is partly based on my own experiences flying one during that little fracas.  A Lynx also has a starring role in a couple of my other books - 'Cocaine' and 'Formidable'  these books are only available from Amazon but as Kindles, Paperbacks and Audio (the narration is particularly good) and can be found on the link at one side of this blog.

 The star of the show - the Royal Navy's most successful weapon system since 1945

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