Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Phew! the end is in sight.

Sweaty old day  but 5000 words today and a total of 15000 since Saturday means that 'FORMIDABLE' is almost there.  I've been stuck on plot generation for several weeks but I've learned not to force things. I sat down today with an end game in mind and although 'what I've wrote' is far from what I originally had in mind, its looking good.  As I've probably said too many times before, writing is done in the bath, walking the dog, even on the Golf Course (which is one of my many excuses for hitting the bloody ball into the trees - again) not in front of the computer.  However, today my fingers got carried away and before Bob became my Uncle there was the whole end game sorted out.  Should be out in less than a month now which frees me up to go boat hunting.

Sort of how I felt when I finished today! 

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