Friday, 14 October 2016

And now for the next one

Now that 'Retribution' is out and selling extremely well and apart from the Lynx book which has just gone through a second draft, I have mostly been working on the new Jon Hunt Novel which will be called 'Formidable'.  It will be about an aircraft carrier (fictional) of that name - chosen by me because my father flew Martlet fighters off the last real ship of that name with 888 squadron (which will also be resurrected for the story) in the Second World War .  I'm about twenty thousand words in and it's shaping up well.  I had a really good idea for a plot twist as I nodded off to sleep last night.  I only wish I could remember what it was!  That's the problem with 'writing',  all the clever bits are done away from the computer.  I've now reached the stage where I'll have to leave notepads and pens around the house so I can write things down as they appear out of nowhere.  I'll also have to put some in my golf club bag.  Anyway, here is a very rough idea for the new book cover:

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