Monday, 22 August 2016

Newsletter/mailing list

Good old teknology moves on and I even catch up on occasions. For some time I've been meaning to set up a mailing list so I can send out the occasional newsletter to anyone interested in the progress of the latest epic. I've finally got around to doing just that (after several very frustrating hours on the 'MailChimp' web site that manages mailing lists). I think I've got it right and there is a sign up button on the right of this page. There's also one on my Face Book page and web site. I promise not to use this as anything other than an occasional mail shot to tell anyone interested of the progress of the latest book or other relevant news like a new audio version being available. Also, MailChimp is very secure and personal emails are protected and will only be used by me. SO I would really appreciate some sign ups - it only takes a second. Thanks in advance.

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