Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Oops - slightly late book launch!!!

So I put the new book 'Retribution' into the web site 'Createspace' who do my paperbacks, expecting it to take the normal 5 days to appear on Amazon.  Instead it appeared almost straight away.  Today the Kindle goes live and I was intending to do one of my spectacular (not) book launches.  Actually its quite hard to do anything that spectacular as a self published author, its just as good to announce it here and on FB etc and let the sales do the talking.  Anyway imagine my surprise when I got the following comment on my Author's FB page first thing this morning:

Well it's 4am... and all I can say is AMAZING! Couldn't stop reading. Retribution is great, fast paced, action packed and perfect Jon Hunt.
Loved the twist and links to past books in the series. Not as much flying in this instalment, however it worked for the character and the rank he holds.
Now I've got to try to sleep as my alarm goes off in 3 hours!

Not bad for a book I hadn't actually 'launched' yet!!

Hopefully others will feel the same:

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