Tuesday, 1 December 2015

So, that's the Falklands War done

For the Lynx book that is!  Apart from some tidying up I have submissions from 15 out of the 18 Lynx flights involved - and I'm leaning on the remaining guys to help as well.  But substantially I've got what I wanted.  As I posted before, one thing is quite clear - we should have all got together soon after it was over before everyone shot off to pasture new.  Comparing notes 33 years later is just too late!  For example one flight used parts of an office swivel chair to make a mounting for a machine gun in the cabin door.  In fact three other flights did the same and none of them new about each other.  Mind you those mountings weren't used afterwards (I wonder why!!).  So now its a quick dit about the development of the Mark Three and then it will be off to the Gulf, figuratively speaking, as its the one theatre of operations that the aircraft has been permanently flying in since 1980 and I've got some really good stories about that to come.

The last 3 Lynx to return from the War.  Andromeda (me flying) first, then Avenger and then Penelope's aircraft. One of the most emotional days of my life.
Not a Lynx! But taken from HMS Exeter's Lynx.  This is the Harrier that ran off the end of the temporary landing strip at San Carlos.  The photo has been used many times in the past but without the caption cut into the grass!!

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