Friday, 25 September 2015

Where have all the reviews gone?

Sorry about the bleat but I've found that the number of reviews my books are getting has dropped significantly despite my sales being quite steady and unchanged.  So I am posting this here and on my Facebook page to ask if anyone has done a review but not seen it appear.  I'm not that paranoid but Amazon do seem to have some rather odd rules and seem to reject them out of hand sometimes.  For authors like myself they are our lifeblood and any ammunition to take back to Amazon would be really appreciated.  Please use the comments section below if you wish to communicate.

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  1. I have now read the first four Jon Hunt books and thoroughly enjoyed them

    However, they were downloaded from Kindle and are riddled with grammatical, spelling, punctuation and layout mistakes. Many nouns start with a capital letter (cf German), its/it's seem to be interchangeable and wrongly used, whisky is spelled with an "e" and there is no spacing between different sections of chapters, causing confusion and rereading to sort out this ensuing confusion. It all points to lack of proof-reading, and I think that you are probably unaware of this. I have noticed the same sort of thing in other Kindle/Amazon downloads.

    Anyway, please continue with Jon..