Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Today I have been mostly.........

Flying one of these:

Actually its a microlite although it flies like a 'real' aeroplane.  I'm trying to recover my old civilian flying licence as I was amazed to find that although I got it in 1974 - they are issued for life and all I need is a refresher to reactivate it.  A certain chum (Bernfeld) mentioned these and so I trotted down to the airfield at Dunkeswell today and had a quick half hour in one.  I haven't flown a fixed wing aircraft since 1979 although I have just a few helicopter hours since then.  The instructor told me I could land it  - and I 'm still alive.  Spooky. 
So for the cost of a second hand car and the maintenance of a second hand car - I can buy a second hand aeroplane.  Hmmmmmmmmmm.

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