Thursday, 21 May 2015

More progress

Nautilus is in its last lap which is a good thing as I am really ramping up my efforts on the book about the Lynx now.  Hopefully I will finish it before I get swamped with work for the new one.  In addition to agreed input from nearly all interested parties I now have an old naval colleague, Steve George, on board for the project - he is a very gifted cartoonist, it was Steve who did the cartoon of my Lynx helicopter.  He has agreed to illustrate elements of the book which will add another dimension to the product.

Guess wot I are doing? 

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  1. 2 bottles of red, no, better make that 3. Veggies, gin,joint of beef for Sunday, tonic,1 bottle of white. Gin, potatoes, bit short on flour for the Yorkshires, gin, cheese and biccies...did I remember the gin?