Sunday, 10 May 2015

Change of plan

For the last few weeks we've been in a bit of a quandary (and there was me thinking it was a canal).  Looking at the year ahead it seems there is going to be very little chance of using Amelie May very much as I need to get on with serious writing and there is a good chance I need a new hip/knee or something.  I've always subscribed to the principle that its wrong to pay good money not to use something, in this case marina fees to store a boat that's not only not going to be used but also will deteriorate in the process.  So its with great reluctance that Fi and I have decided to put the boat up for sale in Venetian Marina - where we bought her from several years ago.  We've had tremendous fun.  I estimate we've covered about 1600 miles - all at 2.5 miles and hour, done over 1000 locks and emptied the loo well over a hundred times.  We've had an excellent sampling of Sunday Lunches and beers from around all sorts of out of the way places, I caught two (tiny) fish and neither of us has fallen in the canal - although Tigger did twice.  We've even managed to be nice to charter boats - most of the time.  So give it a year or so and we'll be looking for the next adventure. - Anyone want to buy a narrow boat?????

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